Private Medical Insurance


Private Healthcare Insurance or Medical Insurance is designed to cover the cost of curable (acute) medical conditions in private hospitals or private wards of NHS hospitals.

All policies cover the full cost of conditions that require an overnight stay in hospital (inpatient treatment) or require a period of time in a hospital bed (day-patient treatment).

For example, supposing an individual needed a heart by-pass, their medical insurance would cover the tests and consultations needed in the run-up to the operation and the operation itself.

More comprehensive plans also provide a higher level of cover for treatments, consultations, scans and tests for conditions that do not require a hospital bed.

Additional benefits include cover for psychiatric treatment, physiotherapy and dental surgery whilst other common extras include home nursing, private ambulance and overseas emergency medical cover.



Provides you with access to private healthcare so you can bypass NHS waiting lists and receive treatment promptly.

Have choice over where and when your treatment takes place as well as the specialist who treats you.

Access the latest proven drugs and treatment – even those not routinely available through the NHS.

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