Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Professional Estate Planning will protect your assets and safeguard the future of your loved ones, minimise your tax burden, designate guardians for minor children, avoid probate court involvement and plan for incapacity.

A Personal Service

Our Estate Planning Professionals will look carefully at your individual circumstances and make a personal diagnosis of your own situation. They will provide you with Estate Planning advice and the solutions necessary to help protect your estate and ensure your assets are passed to your loved ones.

Protect your assets for your loved ones

Without professional Estate Planning in place your heirs may inherit debts, tax bills and be left fighting over how your assets should be divided. Estate planning doesn't have to be complicated and even putting a basic Will in place can mitigate the majority of these factors. If your circumstances are more complicated, protective trusts can be established to reduce inheritance tax payable and protect your assets from risks such as bankruptcy, divorce and potential care costs which may be payable in the future.

Professional Estate Planning will protect your assets from....

Costs of Care

If you need to go into residential care your home may have to be sold to pay for your Long Term Care costs and your savings and investmens could be wiped out


After your death if your surviving partner remarries, how can you ensure that your children receive what you intended?


If your children are involved in a divorce or separation, your existing planning may not be able to protect the inheritance they received.


If your partner or children are in debt or face bankruptcy, the inheritance you left them may vanish.

Your business

How do you protect your share of a business and what’s the most tax efficient way of leaving it to your family or business partners?

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax is a serious concern for many whose home and assets are worth over £325,000. It is predicted that £1.35bn is paid needlessly each year by people who do not take action to mitigate against IHT.

Book a free Estate Planning consultation now

We understand that it is far easier to discuss the personal subject of Estate Planning in your own home, therefore we offer a home service for those clients who have an Estate Planning Consultant in their local area. However if this isn't for you then our Advisers can discuss your options over the telephone.

Step 1

Call us and book a consultation at a time to suit you.

Step 2

We will take some basic information on your Estate, including what you own and any concerns you have.

Step 3

Our technical team will identify risks to your Estate and provide you with bespoke solutions to your requirements

Step 4

Our Estate Planning Consultants will present the Right Will solutions to your Estate Planning needs and take the information required to prepare your Wills

and Trusts.

You can book an Estate Planning Consultation today by requesting a call back or by calling us on 01656 856120. The consultation will include a free confidential assessment of your situation and a bespoke solution to your individual requirements.

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