DCS Insurance


Here at DCS Financial we pride ourselves on protecting you, your lifestyle, your family, your home and much more. During our meetings we always look to understand our client’s needs and requirements no matter how complex they may be.

Our advisers have an extensive knowledge of insurance having worked in the industry for many years. We use a large number of insurance specialist which allows us to access the best possible products available for our clients.


We offer a full menu of personal and business protection products from which you can choose when building your protection plan. Whether you are moving into your first home, starting a family, building a business or thinking about the inheritance you’ll leave your loved ones, our range is designed to give you the cover they need.

Insurance is a protection for you and your family, after all the most expensive commodity in most households is you – without ‘you’ bringing in the income every month, your world around you will fall apart. We aim to provide you with insurance to help you in as many circumstances as possible without over stretching your budget.

DCS Commercial Insurance Solutions

Home Insurance

Selecting the right home insurance for you and your family is what we do. We believe that it is vital that you are covered should you need it!


We all hope for the best, but sometimes it pays to prepare for the worst, and this is never truer than when it comes to home emergencies such as burst pipes, heating failure or broken locks.

If your home and contents are more expensive than average, it’s likely that a standard “off-the-shelf” policy will not offer the protection you really need. Unfortunately, most people only discover they are under insured when they come to make a claim, finding themselves up against a raft of exclusions, limitations and quibbles over valuation.

Secure your Buy to Let property with the right cover. Landlords face a wide range of risks on a daily basis and most are unaware of just how much protection is on offer when letting out their properties.

Life Insurance

Life insurance can provide peace of mind that your loved ones would be financially protected if you were to pass away. The lump-sum payout they would receive can be used to pay vital bills like a mortgage or rent, or to help with the cost of bringing up children.


Relevant Life Insurance works within current legislation and allows you as the policyholder to pay your personal life insurance through your business, these payments can be made as an allowable expense.

Private Healthcare Insurance or Medical Insurance is designed to cover the cost of curable (acute) medical conditions in private hospitals or private wards of NHS hospitals.

Critical illness cover pays out a tax-free lump sum if you’re diagnosed with an insured medical condition during the term of your policy. It’s not the same as life insurance, which pays money to a person or people you name if you pass away.

Shareholder Insurance

Regardless of the industry you operate in, it’s critical to ensure that you protect your business with a safety net. After all, it represents not only the livelihood of you and your family, but also that of your employees and fellow stakeholders.


This insurance is needed by a wide range of companies and for many reasons but generally is most important for small and medium size businesses.

You probably insure your home and contents, your car – you might even have life insurance. But have you thought about insuring your income?

You might be surprised to find that Statutory Sick Pay is only £95.85 a week.

Enough to fill up the car maybe, but how far through the week would you get?