Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney

Our Lasting Power of Attorney Service

DCS Financial Will and Estate Planning offers a comprehensive Lasting Power of Attorney Service.  From just £300 we will discuss your individual requirements and give you professional advice on making a Lasting Power of Attorney, complete your Lasting Power of Attorney forms for you and guide you through the complicated signing and registration procedure.

Why do I need an LPA?

There may come a time in your life when you lose mental capacity and are unable to manage your financial affairs or personal welfare owing to some form of incapacity. By making a Power of Attorney you can appoint someone you trust to make decisions for you should this situation arise, this person is called an Attorney.

Don't leave making a Lasting Power of Attorney until it's too late

It's imperative to make a Lasting Power of Attorney sooner rather than later, as Lasting Powers of Attorney can only be made while you still have mental capacity.  Once you lose mental capacity you will not be able to make a Lasting Power of Attorney and choose who deals with your affairs, instead your friends or family members will have to apply for deputyship through the court of protection which may take over 8 months and can become very costly.

Book a free Lasting Power of Attorney Consultation

If you would like to book a free appointment with one of our advisers to discuss making a Lasting Power of Attorney either over the phone or at home call us on 01656 856120.